Saint Faith

 (Latin Sancta Fides, French Sainte Foy, Spanish Santa Fe)

It is believed that she lived in the 3rd/4th century and died, as a child martyr, in Agen in the Garonne Valley in French Aquitaine.  But little is known in fact about our her.  The story goes that she refused to make scarifice to pagan gods and was put to death by the occupying  Roman authorities on the order of the Govenor Dacian, who had her roasted on a bed of bronze and then beheaded.

Faith was just 12 years old at the time. Her body was buried secretly, and then two centuries later a basilica in  Agen was built on the site of her martyrdom and dedicated to her.  Her remains though later were transferred to the monastery at Conques, on the pilgrimage route to Compostella in Spain. From here pilgrims spread the story of St Faith all across Europe.

St. Faith’s day falls on the 6th October in the Anglican calendar.