16th June 2019

The week started off with a training day on suicide awareness and prevention. In 2017, there were 16 deaths a day in the UK due to suicide, and men are at risk more than women. Death by suicide is pervasive as it not only affects the person who commits suicide but also friends and family around them, like ripples on a pond. No profession is exempt from it, but some professions have a higher risk than others.

Prevention is very much about resilience, about build your own resilience as well as helping others to build their resilience. Some of these are fairly straight forward, as we discussed the important of good friends and social networks, good diet with exercise, good peer support, hobbies and faith can also play a positive role. Those who are more optimistic in nature are more likely to be more resilient than those more pessimistic in their outlook. That does not mean that Optimism is about everything being alright and in fact it is just a cover for ‘brushing things under the carpet’. If you are not sure which you are there is a ‘Learned Optimism Test’ at https://web.stanford.edu/class/msande271/onlinetools/LearnedOpt.html

Later in the week our Lincoln diocesan clergy conference was held at BGU, the first for a no. of years in Lincoln bringing clergy from across the diocese together. Guest speaker was Bishop Victoria Matthews, Bishop who was instrumental in helping moving the community forward after the collapse of the Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand following the earthquake in 2011. An inspirational speaker talking to us about reconnecting with our original call to work for God & looking at how we are responding. It is a also a good opportunity to connect with other clergy across the diocese & hear about what they are doing in their community, building relationships.

Finally, looking forward, out next event is the fashion at St Faith & St Martin CE Junior School on Mon 17 June, 7.30pm: £5 entry with a complimentary prosecco/ juice – do come along & bring a friend – this is a relaxed evening, lasting just over an hour, an opportunity to mix with friends with the potential to treat yourself to some summer clothes (please note: no purchase is necessary to attend event). Hope to see you there. God bless, Revd Julie