21st April 2019

Holy week, starting last Sunday with a celebration on Palm Sunday of Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, was followed that afternoon by a quiet service of reflection, Stations of the Cross, prayerfully considering Jesus’ journey from meeting with Pilate to the cross. Maundy Thursday marked the Last Supper & Jesus’ washing of disciples feet, followed by Good Friday’s service remembering Jesus’ time on the cross. The quiet Saturday Easter vigil being more of a rowdy Scouts sleepover as they watched a film. It’s a delight to be able to welcome the beavers, cubs & scouts into church for the sleepover. They make the fire for the Dawn service, where a new Easter candle is marked & lit reminding us of Christ as the Light of the World, they help to lead the service & cook us an English breakfast!

Holy week is about the journey of walking with Jesus through the final tragic & torturous moments of His life. Easter day is the celebration that follows as Jesus rises from the dead taking away the pain & sorrow. Jesus went through this to bring us new life, bringing us closer to God. Remember when scoffing a hot cross bun or sinking those chocolate Easter eggs, the biggest gift of all is the one that God gave us this day through the resurrection of His son. Don’t forget to share God’s love & this gift with everyone.

God bless you this Easter, Revd Julie