24th February 2019

Back at the start of February, we looked at how to support the work of St Faith’s in the parish. Information was given out, If you missed these, then be please be sure to pick up a pack. One of the things we looked at was how to donate money to support the work of the church, in particular joining the new ‘Parish Giving Scheme’: this is very easy to do. PCC members including Pete, the treasurer, will help to answer any questions. Much good work has been done so far in the parish but only if we look & act together can we continue to make a difference in the parish.

There is a Consultation on Lincoln’s Transportation Strategy that happens every 15 years & looks at all aspect of transportation. The last time resulted in the by-pass that is currently being built. Why is it so important? It is your chance to have your say about what you think about transport in Lincoln – walking, cycling, driving, buses, trains, taxis, horses & freight and ideas of how things could be improved. It is particularly important due to the significant increase in residences that are to be built in the next 5 years. None of these are scheduled for the West End, but there are residences planned out at Saxilby. This will have an impact in the level of traffic through the West End. Please add any comments on a piece of paper & pop them in the box. A presentation on the back table gives some overview; if you just want to capture the issues with transport as you see them now, then you can do that too.

God bless, Revd Julie