10th February 2019

Today we are looking how to support the work of St Faith’s in the parish. There will be a lot of information, which is why we have provided you with packs so you can take them away and have a read. One of the things we will be looking at is how we donate money to support the work of the church, in particular joining the new ‘Parish Giving Scheme’, this is very easy to do. PCC members will be available to answer any questions after today’s service & at later dates. Much good work has been done so far in the parish but only if we look & act together can we continue to make a difference in the parish.

In addition to the Stewardship aspect of today, I want to bring to your attention the Consultation on Lincoln’s Transportation Strategy. This is a consultation that happens every 15 years & looks at all aspect of transportation. The last time resulted in the Eastern by-pass that is currently being built. Why is it so important? It is your chance to have your say about what you think about transport in Lincoln – walking, cycling, driving, buses, trains, taxis, horses & freight and ideas of how things could be improved. It is particularly important due to the significant increase in residences that are to be built in the next 5 years. Although none of these are scheduled for the West End, there are residences planned for the West End of Lincoln out at Saxilby which will have an impact in the level of traffic through the West End.

Have your say? Go online and have a look at the information https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/lincoln-transport-strategy/81505.article. For those who don’t have the luxury, then there is a copy of a presentation at the back of church. The PCC have decided to help in try to give everyone a voice in church by collecting your thoughts on the matter. There are forms at the back of church to help you with this along with a box to put your responses in; this will be available until 24 February. The responses will be pulled together to feed back through the Carholme Community Forum who are working together for the benefit of the West End & Carholme Ward as a whole. There are 2 remaining workshops associated with the consultation, but they are out of Lincoln:

* Welton Village Hall (51 Ryland Road, LN2 3LU): Monday 25 February, 3-8pm

* Waddington Community Hub (on Waddington High St, LN5 9RF): Wednesday 27 February, 3-8pm

Thanks for your continued commitment, God bless, Revd Julie