9th December 2018

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make West End Lights happen. So many of you helped in one way or another and so it is difficult to mention people by name.

West End Lights was a hugely successful evening and the church looks beautiful. Thank you to everyone who helped to decorate the church, for Jake who got the tree, and 2 our two parking attendants – Dave and Rob.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the night – it was lovely to have so many people helping with a huge thank you to those who stayed behind, including the Mothers Union & the Scouts, for making sure that the church was clean and tidy for this morning’s service.

Thanks to Pete for his music, and also to both the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Concert Band & the visiting Neustadt band, Musikverein Diedersfeld. We have already had many comments on the music that added to the festive atmosphere of the night. This church loves live music and the band commented on how much they enjoyed playing here.

The biggest comment made to me, especially from our German friends, were their remarks on how warm & friendly the church is & how family-friendly it is. That warmth of welcome comes from each one of you at St Faith’s & this was supplemented by the Mother’s Union & the Scouts – our extended family.

I do want to give a final thank you to Kathy, who has been organising this for a few weeks & who has virtually run around all week either to preparing for Friday night, or getting the Parish Focus out to our volunteers for delivery as well as deliver some. It needed a quick delivery as the advertising inside included this event. The printer had been unable to print for 3 weeks so it was late arriving.

Please do take time to look at the Christmas trees, if you have not already done so – they are all brilliant. Angels from the Realms of Glory and the one from the pop-up café are quite exquisite.

Looking forward to next weekend, it is out Christmas Lunch on the Saturday – don’t forget to get your tickets, & bring your family & friends & don’t forget a neighbour or two. We already have a few extra guests from Ridgeway care home. On Sunday, it is our Christingle service, so please spread the word & invite your local community to come along. Everyone will get a chance to make a Christingle from 3.30pm & then we light them towards the end of Christingle Carol Service, the service itself begins at 4pm. All supplemented by mulled wine and mince pies.

In the midst of this Advent season of preparation, try to take a moment to think about Jesus , God bless, Revd Julie