6th January 2019

Happy New year! How’s the new year’s resolutions going?

This week, I have been in sorting/clear out/ tidy up mode in the office and have also made a start in the church. I find that 1 challenge is it always looks worse before it gets better, and the other(annoying) challenge that towards the end, when things are looking so much better, there are a few things that don’t seem to have a home other than that drawer – the one full of bits without a home!!

Today, after family church, we are taking down the church’s Christmas decorations. If you can stay & help that would be good, as working together it doesn’t take long.

Lastly, if you have volunteered for the church in 2018, in any capacity, then please come along to the PCC/ Social volunteer evening on Monday 7 Jan at the vicarage. Details overleaf.

Happy New Year, God bless, Revd Julie

060119 church.jpg