29th July 2018

The schools are on holiday and so this week was a quieter one – but not much.  Appointments (knowing the last week of term is busy with the schools), deferred from last week, have filled this week.  My aim, though, for August is to address the large amount of admin that has built up over the last 6 months- one downside of not having churchwardens, is the loss of the collective help that ‘many hands make light work’ does in terms of the day-to-day running of the parish- this includes everything from brainstorming things, support and the administrative aspects involved.  As I have mentioned in a previous pew sheet, this will mean my capacity for pastoral visiting will be reduced this month as I tackle, amongst other things, the new requirements for GDPR – for the church, for myself as an incumbent and for St Martin’s Hall Trust.


One of the things that we need to look at as a church is to review our Church Community Action Plan (CCAP).  This was produced and reviewed after a year following the work we did with the Developing Discipleship Team through the workshops any of you attended.  In looking at this with the PCC earlier in the week, it is amazing at just what we achieve and where we are present with so few people; between us we:


·         Work with the schools with collective worship, providing refreshments for parents, staff & children at their church services, special events like ‘mock royal wedding’, ‘100 challenge in support of the bike ride’, as governors

·         With the community – move towards community meals as an opportunity to welcome & invite members of local community to join us, & being available for tea & chat on Wednesdays with ‘Forget-Me-Nots’.

·         Students – annual welcome service with the sharing of our harvest lunch, hopefully this year with Subash’s community meal involving the support of students,

·         Media:parish focus, new website, twitter, facebook

·         Police chaplaincy,

·         Representation at Carholme community forums like WERA,

·         Families through banns, baptisms, funerals and special services like remembrance, memorial,

·         With the local children/ youth through the West End Youth Club, King’s Lions, the uniformed organisations especially remembrance, Easter sleepover/ Dawn service with breakfast,


This list is not exhaustive & does not include the day-to-day lives of our church family. As members of this family, there is room to support each other more.  Please pray for each other, for the involvement of St Faith’s in the community & for churchwardens.

 Have a good week, God bless, Reverend Julie