5th August 2018

First of all I would like to welcome Richard & Kelly, their family and friends as they bring Noah to be baptised today. It is always a privilege to welcome a new person into the family of Christ as they begin their journey to learn more about Jesus Christ. The parents and Godparents offer up the promises for Noah today; they will guide him and help him to understand more about who Jesus Christ is and what it means to be a Christian until he is able to decide for himself where his faith may lie. The church family are here to welcome Noah, parents and Godparents and make promises in today’s service to assist them on this journey.

In family church today, we will be thinking a bit about Christian Hope and journeys. It is not about wishful thinking nor simply faith in the future, but trust in our God, a God of love, who holds the future.

With this in mind, a few additional prayer pointers for this week:

* Noah and his family

* Children during their school holidays who may be hungry or in an unsafe environment

* For a good and restful holidays for teachers and other staff so they come back energised in September.

* For community activities that work to build the community of the West End.

* For your neighbours

* For Churchwardens, and volunteers to help with Sunday school & West end Youth Cub

Have a good week, God bless, Rev’d Julie