19th August 2018

We had a good start to the week with the Community Sunday Lunch that followed last Sunday’s service. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed the lunch, with a raffle too. We had some lovely comments and cards including:

‘Please give my thanks to all prepare that splendid meal! I was pleased to attend the service with interesting people to talk to afterwards and then some surprising connections at lunch!’

The lunch is a good way to invite people from the community to get to know your neighbours as well as enjoy a well-cooked Sunday lunch. A total of £184.51 was raised to support the work of the church. Thanks to everyone who came, if you missed out – watch out for the time!

On Wednesday I was back on Lincs City radio to talk about how the 100 mile bike ride went for the Bishop if Lincoln’s ‘Ready for School’ Fund. Together, the Bishop’s Bikers (Bishop Nicholas Chamberlain, Reverend Sam Durant and myself) with the support of local schools and the Queen in the West specific related- events have raised about £2000. Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.

In the absence of Helen from church following her accident, it would be helpful if you have some time, to step and help out, especially with coffee, reading, intercessions or as a sidesperson. We don’t know when Helen will be back but I am currently planning the rota til the end of December. One other area of specific need is in helping arranging flowers. You don’t need to be an expert, in fact you can be a complete beginner, that’s not a problem, you can be given help & guidance if you want it. Please think about anyone who might like to be involved, they do not need to be churchgoers. All comers are welcome. We like people to work in pairs & currently that is not always proving possible. Please speak to Kathy if you are interested.

The church is in need of a deep clean. This year we want to try a different approach by asking everyone who is able to help following the service on Sunday 16th Sept. Hopefully, by everyone working together for an hour, this should mean it can be achieved quickly & it not left to just one or two of the regular people. This clean will set us up for the various activities we have coming up in the second half of the year including a baptism, a choir concert, more information to follow.

Have a good week, God bless, Rev’d Julie