12th August 2018

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who helped in anyway in the preparation of the service & for making the baptism family so welcome, as it is the welcome that makes all the difference. The family have sent a lovely message:

Thank you for such a lovely day on Sunday. You created such a good service, everyone was commenting all day on how lovely it was, how friendly and welcoming the Church is and how your service really involved the children etc and was something different!! Was so nice and the craft exercise was such a lovely touch I have some lovely messages for Noah!

Sadly King’s Lions (St Faith’s Sunday School) may have to close in the new year unless we find at least one other person to become a joint leader with Sue. If you are interested or know someone who is interested then please contact me. We are looking for helpers too in the long-term, as well as to the end of the year as we try to keep King’s Lions running for now.

This week, I met with Heather to work on the new website who has done wonderful things for the website. We worked together to try to ensure the accuracy of the information on it as well as think about what could be included. Any ideas, then please let Heather or myself know. Thanks to Heather for the work she is doing building our new website.

Mostly this week, has been more filing & admin – not the most glamorous way of spending my week but it has to be done. There have been a number of projects that need to be picked up again, so I am madly trying to clear my desk to get to them.

Popped into the police station this week as volunteer police chaplain; home made cakes go down well, so if you feel like baking for them, then cakes are always welcome- please bring them on a Sunday.

Next Wednesday (15th), I am on Lincoln City Radio at 1pm talking about the 100 mile bike ride I did for Bishop’s ‘Ready for School’ Fund. Please have a listen.

Have a good week, God bless, Rev’d Julie