8th July 2018

As there were only a few people last week at church, I have decided to repeat much of the Vicar’s chatterbox from last week as it was a busy week & the schools did brilliantly.  I started with going into Collective Worship at the schools on Monday/ Tuesday with my bike & in my C2C2C jersey.  I ended up doing a lap of the playground at the juniors with 250 juniors cheering me on as each class were planning to do 100 laps of the playground in support of my 100 mile ride.

Thursday was the big ride, an extra 5 miles added due to a road closure at Scopwick, the ride totalled 105 miles.  I rode with Bishop Nicholas & a curate at St Peters-at –Eastgate, Revd Sam Durant.  It was a beautiful day riding through the heart of Lincolnshire around various Bomber Command centres.  We were on BBC radio Lincolnshire a couple of times during the day, if you listen to the radio you may have heard us.

Meanwhile in the schools – St Faith & St Martin CE Junior school did the laps of the playground on their bike, walking, scooters, even roller skates; St Faiths Infant & Nursery CE school sang 100 sings throughout the day as well as doing other 100 challenges – like trying to score 100 goals, 100 star jumps, 100 cartwheels, counting to 100 objects, dancing for 100 seconds and other challenges around ‘100’.

On Wednesday, the new build at St Faith & St Martin CE Junior School was officially opened & a plaque was unveiled.  I was asked to bless the buildings so I walked through the school sprinkling water & prayed the final blessing during the opening ceremony which was altogether moving with music, song & dance.

This week, I was back in school for Collective worship – on Monday with the junior’s looking at the Christian value of hope & what it means to ‘not give up’.  Tuesday morning saw me back in the infants – for a collective worship on “doubting Thomas’ – as it was the celebration of Thomas the apostle on 3rd July.  You can’t think about not believing things without a reference to ‘Victor Meldrew’- the children found the ‘I just don’t believe it’ video very funny. 

I met with the DAC (diocese advisory [approvals] committee) on Thursday for some ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ to look at how we can best use the area to the N churchyard for community use, the installation of an accessible toilet & shared plans for the S churchyard, all of which would be through grant applications.

Have a good week, Revd Julie