15th July 2018

This week started with the privilege of accompanying Ruby Croft’s family as they have laid Ruby to rest at Marton, followed by the memorial service. Thanks to Helen T & Betty who gave up a lot of their time & effort on Tuesday with the memorial service especially as the funeral tea was in the church afterwards.


I was at a school prayer meeting early Tuesday morning as parents & teachers prayed together for the needs of the school/ children, especially as every pupil will experience a change of class and possibly school when this term finishes. It lasted about 20 minutes & there were croissants & coffee to help start the day.


Diocesan synod on Wednesday voted in a new diocesan governance structure to improve communication & streamline activities. The meeting was followed by the England game on a big screen which was brilliant as it enabled those who give up their time to attend the meeting to see England play.


Yesterday Pete & I attended a meeting with the Archdeacon of Lincoln. A sobering meeting as we discussed the state of affairs at St Faith’s & that as a church we did not even pay 50% of our parish share last year. We are likely to be in the same boat this year. Currently our parish share is £26,000, which I appreciate is too high for us, but just to put it into perspective, that does not pay for a full time member of clergy. You are also not currently getting a full time member of clergy as I spend my time filling in the gaps that having no churchwardens leaves. In reality, this means my pastoral visiting is down, my ability/ time to look at the liturgy in our services, run events to support us in our discipleship etc is non-existent.


The meeting was less about money & more about how the diocese want to help struggling churches; if we continue as we are we will not be here in a few years - a sobering thought!! Whilst the diocese are looking at ways to help, growth has to come from us, they can’t do it for us. By all of us working together, praying, sharing our faith, inviting others – we can make a difference.


Please pray daily for a renewal at St Faith’s, your PCC churchwardens, & other officers & for your own call.

Have a prayerful week, God bless, Revd Julie