7th October 2018

Welcome to our service as we celebrate both St Faith’s day and harvest. An extra special welcome if you a student joining us today at the start of another academic year. We hope you are settling in well into the community. Please do stay and join us afterwards for coffee and a bit to eat.

Welcome too, if you are leader of young people, helping to nurture & teach them as they grow & mature. It is a pleasure to commission you today at the start of another academic year. We will also be commissioning our new chalice bearers to assist in our Eucharist services in the distribution of the wine.

This week I had the chance to pop in and see Helen T. She is still ‘hopping’ around unable to weight bear, sends her regards and thanks for the visitors and the cards.

Mid-week Helen D (representing our West End Youth club) & myself had a meeting with the scout group. It was very positive & we have much planned for the coming year working together. The first of which is remembrance service; being the 100th anniversary of World War I, we hope to do something special this year to mark the occasion. We have plans for Christingle & next year, we are looking at a special dedication service to re-dedicate the flags & the group to St Faith’s church. In the meantime, I want to thank the beavers & their leaders for the work they have done on the north churchyard. They have made an incredible start on the north churchyard clearing away the weeds that were growing very well there. This work will go towards a one of their badges. So if you do see any beavers or leaders then please thank them for their efforts.

Last night we had a fabulous concert here in the church with the Lincoln Orpheus Male Voice Choir. Amongst their repertoire were a couple of songs from the musical ‘Les Misèrables’, ‘Last of the Summer Wine’, ‘Gospel Train’, ‘The Rhythm of Life’ and they finished with an encore of ‘When the Saints go marching in…’ It was a great concert & was enhanced by a guest soloist, Rachel Grey who sang beautifully a number of songs. Thanks to Pete & Kathy for organising the concert & with an extra special thank you to Kathy who made sure we were supplied with plenty of cheese and wine- it was a good spread; thanks also to Caroline & Brian who assisted. Proceeds of the concert went towards church funds, with the proceeds of the raffle going to St Barnabas Hospice. If you want to support the hospice further, it’s not too late to join me at Windmill Farm at 2pm to hear Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Band playing in memory of a member of the band who died earlier this year.

Have a good week, God bless, Rev’d Julie