2nd July

Today we welcome John & Claire Taylor & their friends & family as they bring Evan for his baptism today.  Today we welcome Evan into the church- God’s family of baptised children & with it, Evan receives the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We welcome & pray for Evan’s godparents: Helen, Iain & James as they take on the responsibility of guiding Evan as he develops his Christian faith over the forthcoming years!


As we welcome a new member into Christ’s family, it helps us to reflect on what it means to be a Christian. Our theme today, looks at how as we welcome children – and we are all children of God – that Jesus welcomes us.  Even a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple shows how if we help others in their faith even in the smallest way then there’s a welcome for us. Godparents are called to do this for their Godchildren, such as Evan’s Godparents are taking on the responsibility of helping Evan with his Christian journey; ALL OF US are called to do this as part of the wider family – not just to those inside the church – but to those outside the church – to share the generosity of God’s love unconditionally with others.


When we think of St Martin of Tours & his gift to the beggar of half his cloak, we remember as Christians, we are called to help & support others in any way we can, but good works are not enough to be a Christian, there is a need to pray and to study God’s word & to carry Christ in our heart – no matter who we are.  We have all received the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are called not to waste this precious gift.  At times we may have doubts, it is good to ask questions, to understand one’s faith better. The Holy Spirit is there to help us if we are prepared to listen to that ‘still small voice’.  The heart of Christianity is ‘love’, God’s love for us & we should never forget this through the rough & tumble of life.


Finally, & on a sad note, please keep Yvonne & family in your prayers following the loss of George. The funeral is to be held on Thursday 20 July, 1.10pm at the crematorium.  May George rest in peace in the loving arms of God.

God bless you all in the coming week, Revd Julie